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Portfolio Entry » Web Development» August 18th, 2016

Leaf People v2.0

Leaf People 2.0 is an overhaul of their previous site from the ground up! While still based in WordPress, the entire store functionality was rebuilt using the popular WooCommerce plugin and a custom Bootstrap theme based on Underscores.me.

This project required extensive coordination between 10for2 and the client due to the sheer magnitude of the site. Their existing web store was running concurrently with the build and the most recent store data was imported into the new site just before launch in an effort to minimize disruption to their product orders and company workflow. Here are just a few of the features incorporated into this site:

  • Custom icons were developed in partnership with White Specs Creative to help showcase the various organic ingredients in Leaf People products.
  • A skin type questionnaire was developed to help customers determine the products best suited for them. Their answer score automatically redirects them to products for their skin type.
  • Testimonials and product reviews are placed throughout the site to establish credibility and showcase the customer love of Leaf People products.
  • Featured products and sale items are easily established on the backend of the site to help the client quickly and efficiently offer specials and deals to her customers.
  • Order details in automatic emails are issued to maximize Leaf People’s ability to rapidly package and ship product and help the customers know where their order stands in the process.
  • Newsletter signups auto-populate a newsletter distribution list so Leaf People can send information directly to interested customers.
  • Multiple methods of sales tactics including cart notifications, product upsells, and product category relationships have been established to increase customer awareness of products and potential savings in an effort to increase sales.
  • Custom backend dashboard features to help Leaf People efficiently manage their online store.



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