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10For2 Owner’s Meeting

I just got back from Greenville, NC today after an owner’s meeting with my partner. We have several new projects in the works and were able to discuss our business plan for growth in the coming months. I was also able to stop by one of our client’s offices and get a feel for their storefront.  It was helpful to see where they are located and how they present themselves to their customers. It enabled me to get a better feel for what type of website they will need to give that same impression online.

It was also nice to visit the new Eastern Division office and see how Chris lays out his monitors for efficient use of desk space (he has them mounted on the wall).  Although my current office does not allow for that configuration, I certainly can see the benefit of keeping your desk free of computer components.  I’ll try to get a picture up of the setup at some point.

Edit: Muliple monitors for easy navigation

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