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CSS Card Suit Shapes: The Club

Drawing inspiration from Chris Coyier’s “The Shapes of CSS” at CSS Tricks, I decided to have some fun with css and the suits in a deck of cards. The club is all CSS, however, it requires mulitple divs to pull off. Club The HTML: <div id=”circle”></div> <div id=”triangle”></div> <div id=”base”></div> The CSS: #circle { width: […]

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Server Space Requirements for Video Hosting

Lately we’ve been working on a website for a local church that hosts the audio/video of their services online for viewing. One thing that has caught my attention in this project is the amount of space video takes up on a server. In uploading the last four message series onto my dev server, I’ve noticed […]

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It’s Blue Beanie Day!

Support web standards! Happy Blue Beanie Day! Read more information about it here: Blue Beanie Day 2011 The gist of it is best explained by Alyssa Walker: It’s these people you can thank for building Internet experiences focused on usability, meaning those of you puttering along on the oldest copy of Internet Explorer can navigate […]

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Google Plus

Welcome to the next social media giant! Since it’s release, Google Plus has taken off as a social media staple. Although still in its infancy, it seems clear Google may become a real player in the social market. Check out this graph showing it’s growth compare to Facebook and Twitter. It’s only a matter of […]

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