Flash Coming for Smartphones

The continuing debate over flash on mobile phones rages on. Google and their Android phones have taken a huge step in support of Adobe. The next version of Android will support Adobe Flash Version 10.1. This is a major contradiction to Apple who refuses to support flash on the iphone. For more information, check out CNET.

This could have large implications for web designers in determining for which platforms they program. Typically, as smartphones do not support flash, web developers have to build a mobile phone accessible site separate from a “flash only” site or use extensive coding to render a site differently based on the OS. Flash support on mobile devices will enable designers to minimize the amount of testing and design necessary to accommodate all the possible browsers, operating systems, and etc. of smartphones.

However, there continues to be widespread support(among designers) for HTML5 and CSS3 which will effectively eliminate the need for Adobe Flash. In the meantime, it’s nice to see progress in rendering web pages correctly on the ever growing mobile phone market.

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