Internet Browsers – So Many Choices

According to Net Applications, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) fell to below 60% market share in April for the first time, while Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox saw gains in use.

Internet Browser Use
(credit Net Applications)

Although many users still prefer internet explorer, including my business partner, I prefer to use Firefox. I’ve found that it tends to be more accepting of the latest web standards as well as less buggy than some other browsers (IE6!). Firefox is also on the forefront of using HTML5 which seems to be the future of web design coding.  I have spent some time using Chrome as well as Opera, but I seem to always end up back at Firefox. Old habits die hard it seems.

The great news for our clients is that we continue to test all our web development projects on all the browsers listed in the diagram (except Opera Mini) as well as accommodating older versions of each (IE6 and IE7 in particular). It’s important to create your website in such a way that it reaches as many potential users as possible. As time moves along, we may continue to see a change in market share for each browser. Thus, we must continue to account for all of them. Developing for only one browser simply isn’t an option.

What is your browser of choice?

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