Website Analytics

Ok, so you’ve hired a web design professional to build your website. You’ve provided rich images and informative content to grab your reader’s attention. Everything anyone could possibly want to know about your business is perfectly laid out and easy to navigate. You’ve spent money on advertising and search engine optimization and your site can be found on all the major search engines. Let the business pour in! Right?

  • How will you know how successful all your efforts are?
  • Are you going to make each customer fill out a questionnaire telling you how they found your website?
  • How will you know if your monthly service costs and advertising expenses are worth the price?

The answer is simple: Site Analytics!

Without analytics for your website, you really won’t know how effective it is. Site tracking can tell you how many visitors stopped by, from where, what they looked at, and how long they stayed. This is incredible information that can not only tell you if your site is working, but can also give you leads on potential clients and effective areas to advertise.

For example, one of our clients recently had a site visit from an unfamiliar website. Upon investigation, one of her customers had linked her site in a forum she frequents and was going to repost about her experience. This information enabled our client to tailor her service toward that individual and read her response on the forum to find out how her customer truly felt about her customer service. You can’t buy that kind of customer feedback! And all this information came solely from website analytics.

Weekly and monthly analysis of your website performance is the only real way to know if your site is effective. It’s one thing to develop a website, it’s another to develop and grow your internet presence.

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