How Much Does a Website Cost?

One of the most commonly asked, yet unanswerable questions possible regarding the internet. Putting a price on a website is no easy task. Most of the time when people ask that question, they don’t fully understand the level of detail involved in building a website.

There are countless avenues a business can take when they decide to pursue an internet presence.  Most domain registrars offer the ability for customers to build a hosted, template site. These sites are very basic and can cost as low at $20/month. However, they look like a template. And although this may be acceptable for some, most small businesses should consider their website as the face of their company, just as they would their sign on the front door. Your goal should be to stand out from your competitors, not blend in amongst them.

Another route to creating your internet presence is to hire a professional. Pricing for this method can easily range from $1000 to $100,000. Although it seems like an unreasonable range in terms of determining a specific rate, you have to realize the potential work that can be built into a website.

    • Do you want a template based site, full custom design, or something in between?
Website design costs can change dramatically.
How Much Does a Website Cost?
  • Are you going to provide content or do you want it written?
  • Do you want to update your own content or have someone manage it for you?
  • How do you want to provide images for your site? Do you have pictures or need stock photos?
  • Do you want a blog, facebook page, or other social media built with the site? How will you manage these?
  • Is there database integration needed for your site?
  • Is it an e-commerce site? Do you want the ability to sell goods? How do you intend to handle online payments?
  • Would you like flash animations, videos, or audio embedded?
  • Photo gallery or slideshow capability?
  • How do you plan to market your site? On page SEO, link building, PPC campaigns, print media, etc.

These are just a few of the basic questions we ask when beginning a project. Depending upon the answers, it may open up a Pandora’s box of follow-up questions the affect the outcome of your website and the associated price.

Ultimately, the most important question I ask my clients is: What is your time worth?

  1. Would you rather skimp on the designer’s costs and invest your time and effort into creating your site?
  2. Or, would you rather “outsource” your internet needs to allow you to focus on what you do best…running your business?

QOTW: “It may have only taken me 2 minutes to design, but it’s taken me 20 years to learn how to design in 2 minutes!”

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