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I was browsing at my local computer store, when I came across a display case carrying yellow tinted glasses. They looked pretty sweet so I stopped to take a closer look. It turns out they were Gunnars Digital Performance Eyewear. I watched the video they had running on the display case and the idea seemed interesting: glasses specifically designed to eliminate eye strain for gaming and computer use. Brilliant! Here is the bullet points from the advertising card I swiped:

Gunnars Digital Performance Eyewear
These glasses are designed for heavy computer and gaming use.

  • Provides contrast for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision.
  • Increases visual endurance.
  • Decreases eye fatigue.
  • Cuts down glare and visual noise.

They have indoor, outdoor, and 3D versions available depending on your needs. The indoor lenses come in two shades (yellow and clear), each designed for different lighting environments and color viewing needs. There are several designs to choose from to match any style requirements you might have. It’s worth taking a look at their website for more information. I can’t say whether or not they actually work, but they sure have spent some serious money on promotion and marketing. There are several well renowned gamers providing testimonials on their site and 50 Cent is on the advertising card I pocketed.

All in all, these sound fantastic, right up until you see the price. Their entry level price is around $79 and go up to around $200. Although 80 bucks for a decent pair of glasses is pretty reasonable, I just don’t see myself spending the money anytime soon. I’d like to try them on, but I didn’t want to hassle a busy store associate for something I had no intention of buying. Perhaps next time I’m in the store I’ll flag someone down.

If anyone else has seen these or own a pair, please leave a comment about your experience. I’d love to know more about this product first hand.

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