Allens In Africa

Larry and Rhonda Allen are Assemblies of God missionaries with over 13 years experience in Africa. After spending the majority of their time serving in Malawi, they are transitioning to Zimbabwe. During the transition, they have been in the US raising funds and preparing for their return to Africa. In an effort to help their cause financially, as well as alert supporters of their transition, the Allens approached 10for2 for a website.

We built them a simple, yet functional, WordPress site that can grow with them. With a prominent call to action for donations, they can easily steer financial backers to their home page to enable online giving. The website allows Larry and Rhonda to document their travels and events through the built in blog functionality. They also have the ability to post photo slideshows and galleries once they arrive in Africa and begin their mission.

Overall, this website will allow them to carry their supporters through the entire process of missional giving, status updates, and project results through journal entries and pictures.