Grace Community Church

GCC was looking for an upgrade to a full online solution. They already had an existing website with a mobile app currently in development. There were several delays and snags along the way when they approached 10for2.

Part of the problem with the app was that their existing website was outdated and not compatible with the application features. We were able to rebuild them a WordPress website using their existing content while improving on usability and content integration. The new site ties in with their push toward online teaching series, and they will have a secured area for their ministry partners to connect and communicate with one another. We added an HTML5 compatible video player, with Flash fallback, that will allow viewing on all modern browsers and devices.  We also set them up with pod-casting capabilities for both their audio AND videos to give their users maximum flexibility in content consumption.

The mobile app is part of a package GCC signed up for with Subsplash Consulting.