Physio Pro

Physio Pro had an old WordPress site with a company specializing in physical therapy websites. Some of the content on site was used on dozens of other sites managed by the company. Although their site did feature their own original content, it wasn’t structure in a way to funnel traffic and conversions. Physio Pro was seeking a larger, more modern online presence and approached 10for2 to help.


10for2 partnered with Joel Strayer at White Specs to modernize the Physio Pro brand. The owners didn’t want to stray too far from their current logo and color scheme as they were heavily invested in their current brand. We were able to take the premise of their existing logo and revamp it with current design elements, a new font, and softer color scheme. We created multiple versions of the logo to use across the various social platforms and the color scheme transferred seamlessly to the new website.

WordPress Web Development

In researching their existing analytics, we determined that a large portion of site visitors really wanted to know about the staff. We used this information to create a prominent traffic funnel for people to learn about Physio Pro’s therapists and easily schedule an appointment. It was also important we display a clear distinction between the various services they offer. We implemented a strategic color scheme and navigation structure that would help patients recognize those services. Finally, we integrated some custom contact forms with field tracking forwarding to help get patients questions and schedule to the right people at Physio Pro.

The resulting site displays the professionalism of physical therapy services offered and details supporting clinical information for current and potential patients alike.

Content Management

10for2 worked with the owners to revise their existing content and draft new text to better encompass their clinical offerings. Particular attention was paid to showcasing past successes with client testimonials splashed throughout the site and large, bold imagery to give potential clients the big picture of what Physio Pro is all about. We also strove to provide information and answers to common patient inquiries to help mitigate the time spent by office staff answering repetitive questions.  The result is an easy to navigate, informative site that meets the Physio Pro staff and their patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Although Physio Pro was already ranking well for their designated keywords, there was still lots of room for improvement to help increase their presence in search. 10for2 integrated some basic on-page SEO techniques that were missing from their original site. Images were a heavy focus for optimization for both page speed and description purposes. There was also great opportunity to take advantage of better recognition in online map listings and we utilized a Google business listing and MozLocal to help reign in the unruly contact information spread across the internet.